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For more than 14 years, UK121 has been helping people to unlock their potential to work and study at the most regarded institutions around the world.

Who we are

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Located in the South West of England, UK121 specialises in helping students find further education. Unlike large companies, we offer a one-to-one service, meaning that you have a dedicated expert working for you and only you, 100% of the time. From identifying programs, guiding you through the application process, coaching for interviews, to organising your visa and planning your travel itinerary, we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive service available to be successful in your application.

what we offer


Application for Study in the UK.

Who you are - we will help you to identify yourself, your strengths and goals, and leverage these in your course selection.

Telling your story - with over a decade of experience in advising students on how to approach their personal statements, we will help you to plan and articulate the best delivery of your motivations, passions and aspirations.

Step up during interview - learn how to stand out and shine by following your motivations and not a script. Learn how to clearly express your emotions and desires and create conversation with an interviewer on an equal level. Authenticity is the most effective path to success.

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Additional Services

Highly personalized portfolio

presentations for music students.

  • Identify the musical pieces which best showcase your ability.
  • Collaborate with professors from top music schools in the UK for authoritative reviews, materials selection and artistic delivery.
  • Make use of partner recording studios in many major cities as well as a professional editing team at Hunan TV to ensure the highest audio/video quality in your portfolio.

UK Audition Solutions

  • Visa application
  • Airport pickup
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Rehearsal studio booking
  • Accompany you to audition venue

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Professional Proofreaders

We offer a professional proofreading service for students and businesses at all levels of English. Our proofreaders are born in the UK and have over 10 years of proofreading experience at the Master and PhD level.

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